Single Motor Control For Klipper

RP2040 was over-hyped, but I kinda love how Klipper has implemented it.


A simple circuit board consisting of a Raspberry Pi RP2040 and a single replaceable step-. It would have a USB-C connector for firmware and control, plus a DC power connector and standard JST header for the motor itself. It could theoretically be in the shape of the motor itself for mounting.


I've been upgrading my Ender 3v2 ever since I first got it and within a couple months I found the Klipper project and things have never been the same. I recently upgraded to a direct drive toolhead (Revo Hemera XS) leaving me with an extra motor from my old bowden extruder. I'd like it to be used as a second z-axis motor, but I'd rather it be independently controlled, which won't be possible with the Creality 4.2.2 board which is otherwise perfectly fine and I don't see any need to upgrade.

Additional Thoughts

A while back I mentioned something about injecting PD power into USB-C cables already carrying a USB 2.0 signal, likely sourced from a USB-A port. I wonder what the possibility of this is, because this is basically a USB-C connected tool head.

Everyone is trying to send CAN up the line when we could just be figuring out how to inject proper power into a USB-C cable. TI has a wide range of PD controllers at first look, but I'd need to take a closer look.

The heater for a Revo is 40w... I think the highest I've seen is 60w for other high flow... maybe 100w exists.

I just had an absurd thought about a whole printer being wired with USB-C cables to each motor from a raspberry pi.

  1. USB-C 'Power Delivery' is the standard created to allow devices to negotiate voltage and current with the charger.

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