• Jan 16, 2017

    • Focus has switched from a membrane based keyboard to a micro-sized mechanical keyboard. Both options will continue to be developed and hopefully the possibility of them merging into a single board design is possible. The mechanical keyboard design will likely also spin off into its own project, with updates making their way back into nbPi.

    • Add open-source keyboard project references

Mechanical Keyboard

A mini mechanical keyboard with 3D printed key-caps

Membrane Keyboard

A matrix keyboard with contact pad alignment for use with a keyboard membrane, specifically the one from the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream


These links below are references and resources used to create the keyboard section of the nbPi.

RC2014 - 40 Key This is a good base keyboard based on a Pro-Mini(32u4) or bare DIP ATMEGA328

Matrix Keyboard BOM

  • 1 off RC2014 KEYBOARD PCB

  • 1 off 8 pin RA header

  • 1 off 5 pin RA header

  • 40 off Tactile Switch

  • 8 off 1N4148

[ATMEGA328 Version available]

USB Keyboard BOM

  • 1 off RC2014 KEYBOARD PCB

  • 1 off 24 pin wide socket to Pro Mini adapter

  • 1 off Arduino Pro Mini

  • 1 off 10k Resistor

  • 1 off 100nf capacitor

  • 41 off Tactile Switch

  • 8 off 1N4148

w4ilun's Pocket Keyboard 14x5 + 5 (70+5)

This is a really good 14x5 matrix with a 4-way directional stick with center click. It's based on a 32u4 and takes cues from the D60 project below.



  • Component/Label/Quantity

  • Atmega32u4/~/1

  • Micro USB Connector/~/1

  • 22OΩ/R1, R2/2

  • 10KΩ/R3/1

  • 330Ω/R4/1

  • 22pF/C1, C2/2

  • 1uF/C3/1

  • LED/D0/1

  • 1N4148/D1-D70/70

  • TL3303 Tactile Switch/SW/70

  • 5-way Switch/S1/1

GH60 Project by komar007

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