This is a living document of my current and past work... a portfolio in wiki form.

Hi Friends,

I'm Chloe Madison-Ryan, a visual and electronic artist in the Bay Area who lives in a shorty school bus and designs electronics hardware for DIYers. I do my best to document that work across various corners of the internet, and my current focus is VDBX.io where certain designs of mine are more formally documented, open-sourced, and made available for purchase.

This site is for everything else. I have done so many things in my life, I figured having a living portfolio in wiki form will probably make things easier for me to archive it all. Otherwise it'll just be in a random folder waiting for a data catastrophe to wipe it out... ask me how I know.

Skills I have excelled at throughout my life:

  • Concept design for digital & physical interactive creations

  • Product design & optimization for web & mobile

  • Logo & branding design with product integration

  • HTML5 & CSS3 w/ SASS

  • Video production with DSLR & Mirrorless

  • Live event video production: live switching & hardware design/integration

  • Video editing, 2D compositing , & animation

  • Lithium battery systems for solar off-grid applications

    • Automation, data collection, & user presentation

This may also be a place for me to write out concepts and prototype documentation for things that may never exist. It'll also be a repository for actual designs I'd like to share under my name vs being a VDBX product.


Chloe Madison-Ryan

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