Our current display is a Waveshare clone display that connects over GPIO to the Raspberry Pi.

Found here: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IGBDT02/ We will need to find a wholesale source for these if we want to include them in any kits or fully assembled product

The display and the Pi should sandwich the mainboard of the nbPi with the display on the front and the Raspberry Pi Zero or other on the back. This will allow GPIO to physically pass through the nbPi creating mechanical and electrical connection to all GPIO pins of the Pi and Display. We should consider the heights of the respective header connections to reduce thickness and avoid lever stress on the GPIO headers. It is ok for the display to be soldered to the mainboard but the Raspberry Pi should be able to be removed from its seating in a header. Low profile socket headers are reccomended for the Pi and replacing the display with pin headers so it can be as close to the mainboard as possible is advised.

Layers theorized:

  • Display

  • solder

  • display board

  • pin header

  • through nbPi mainboard

  • solder

  • exposed pins

  • =========

  • socket header

  • raspi

  • solder

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