An attempt to make an online media company

2009-2015 - Concept/Design/Branding/Video Production/Web Developer


SudoTV or Sudo.TV was a brand with the intention of becoming an internet media company, but instead became a personal brand for my freelance work at the time.


Sudo is a common command line function in linux and unix based machines meaning to perform a task as the "super-user" or admin/root. It's use in the branding would theoretically attract more technically minded users to similarly intended content.

Sudo is often pronounced similar to the word "pseudo" which generally has negative connotations, but in this context, I think the concept of being "like television" but not, would be a positive. Remember, that in 2009/2010, YouTube was still finding its footing and Vimeo was still relevant.

The logo is a stylized version of a schematic symbol for a signal or AC power supply.

Original Content

  • Ego vs. Ego was a sketch comedy series that ended sooner than expected featuring me (before transition) and my best friend at the time Joe Piemeisel. The episodes featured the two of us in oddball, almost hallucinogenic situations. Joe and I had falling out and generally didn't work well together so the show ended after about 7 episodes.

  • Doctor Drizzle was a concept show featuring me as a caricature of myself teaching people about tech. My personal gender transition meant the loss of the Doctor, but I continue to teach people about tech stuff when I can on my YouTube channel. Only a pilot episode was ever made with me explaining the transition to 4G shortly after the iPhone 4 came out.

  • Detroit-It-Yourself was a concept that never even went into production. It was meant to showcase local makers and business owners in Detroit when that's where I lived. My work on DetroitMusic.TV took priority over this, but I had ideas on how the two could cross-pollinate.

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