I design for screens with humans in mind.

I take great pride in designing cohesive visual engagements for products on all screen sizes. It all begins with a concept and being able to watch a concept grow into a reality brings me pure joy. Research, wireframing, and conceptual design through to finalization of every pixel, making sure that the user can get done what they intended to get done.

My five years of UX and UI Product Design is augmented by a solid understanding of backend and native application development, and possesion of a strong set of skills on the front end (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Furthermore, my background in filmmaking and motion graphics give me distinct concept of motion and help me prototype interactions before development.

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The traveling salesman puzzle.

A fun strategy game.

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Apparel for LGBT humans and their allies.

An intuitive take on a custom apparel site.

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White-label rewards platform for retailers and corporate.

Exploring different interaction conventions.



Helping you build wealth.

Current: Exploring social interactions for users who invest.

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Video & Motion Graphics.

A lot of what I know comes from my background in video production. I felt that if most of my work was going to be presented on the internet, why not also build the frame as well as the content. Much of the conventions I learned from my time as a video producer, director, and editor directly translated into the work I was doing on mobile and web products. From there I fostered the growth of a serious passion for user interfaces that functioned well.

Additionally, my experience with motion graphics has been quite a bonus to have when prototyping interaction animations. I continue to pursue video productions as a hobby in my spare time.

Quirky Designerd.

I'm a designer who likes her code. While my primary asset is visual design with a focus on usability, I feel that keeping my development skills sharp makes me a better designer. I do this through various side projects like buseyipsum.com

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in early 2015 and it is everything I hoped it to be.

I salvage shipping pallets to make art canvases.

I usually take my longboard everywhere I go.

I wear my sunglasses at night.